1788-89 Survey Map of Eastlake Farm
1788-89 Survey Map of Eastlake Farm

Sometime prior to 1377 when Thomas Estlake appeared in the Bratton Manor court rolls complaining of trampled oats, the Estlake surname originated in the West Devon parish of Bratton Clovelly, England. This surname would later give rise to the Eastlakes of today and a number of similar surnames. In 1910, this surname also gave rise to my grandmother, Marion Elizabeth Eastlack, to whom this study is dedicated.

The goal of a one-name study is to research all occurrences of a surname worldwide, not just the ancestors or descendants of a particular person or family branch. The purpose of this website is to share this research with others around the world interested in the Eastlake surname. This site is new so it will take time to get the information online that we’ve found so far but thanks to the Members’ Websites Project of the Guild of One-Name Studies, whatever is added to the site will be preserved for the future. We hope you enjoy the site as its content grows and we would be delighted if you happen to get in touch.

For privacy reasons, this website is about people of the past. If you’d like to meet living people with these surnames, why don’t you check out our cousins’ Facebook Group where you’ll find lots of people interested in the history of our families?

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help-wanted Because we focus on the surname as a whole, it leaves little time for research into the individuals who made our surname what it is today. Are you able to help bring the story to life? The site would be much more interesting if you could contribute:

  • Pictures of you or your ancestors, homes and families, news clippings or other documents.
  • Stories of the daily lives of your ancestors.
  • Stories of your soldiers and sailors.
  • Unique happenings such as famous or infamous people, mysteries or the like.
  • Corrections and additions to any part of the site that you feel needs attention.
  • Anything else that you think people might like to hear about.

In addition, if you are a male who carries one of the surnames listed at the top of this page, we invite you to take a y-DNA 37-marker test so that we can sort out the different emigrant lines. Just contact us for details on ordering the kit since we can get a discount price from the Guild of One-Name Studies. If cost is a problem, we may be able to help.

A Brief Tour of the Website

Surname : You might want to begin by reading about the surname itself, starting with its place of origin and including the meaning of Eastlake, variants of the surname, the frequency and distribution of people with the surname worldwide and progress to date on DNA research into the name.

Family Groups : To date, we have reconstructed family trees for about 5500 people with the Eastlake or variant surname, along with 10,000 parents, spouses and their parents, or children of these individuals who have different surnames. This section introduces the major family branches based mainly on geographic regions.

Stories : As an ongoing project, we’ll share stories about specific individuals or families with the Eastlake or variant surname. Please contact us if you have stories you would like to share.

Records : Most of the reconstruction so far has been based on birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial records along with 19th and early 20th century census records. Indexes will be provided for core sources.

Galleries : Photos will be shared where we have copyright permission or the image is licensed for free use on non-commercial websites. Please contact us if you have images you would like to share.

Studies : One-name studies consist of much more than data collection and this section includes a summary of the additional parts of the Guild of One-Name Studies’ Seven Pillars of Wisdom: The Art of One-Name Studies. This is another section that will develop over time to show analyses of different aspects of the surname as a whole such as our military roll of honour, migration, occupations and demographics of births, marriages and deaths.

Links : Links are provided to other websites with further information about Eastlake and variant surnames.

Admin : Administrative information includes an index to the pages on the website, a log of changes to the site and other information about the website itself.

Contact : This section provides a form for contacting us. All contacts will be logged and responded to in a timely manner.

Marion Elizabeth Eastlack1910-1999my grandmother
Marion Elizabeth Eastlack