Facebook Group for Eastlake and variant surnames DNA Project
Facebook Group for Eastlake and variant surnames DNA Project

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This is a public Facebook group where several of our families have joined together to promote and manage a DNA project for Eastlake and variant surnames. This DNA research is especially critical to pinpointing the family connections linking the British Isles, North American and South Pacific families — tracing those who ‘jumped the ponds’. Most of the people who hold the surname today reside outside of the British Isles, but we hope that ‘cousins’ in the British Isles as well as those from families who emigrated will introduce themselves to this group and that male family members will consider participating in yDNA testing.

Eastlake Family Tree

We maintain our full family trees on Tribal Pages, a public and easy-to-navigate site for presenting the detailed individual records and family relationships of our reconstruction work. To date, there are over 5500 people in our trees with Eastlake or variant surnames along with about 10,000 others who are the parents, spouses, spouses’ parents or children of these people but hold different surnames. Before viewing the detailed trees, we recommend that you look at our summary of the reconstruction and major family branches on this website. Then go to the Tribal Pages site by clicking on ‘Eastlake Family Tree’ above, type a name like ‘Jack Eslick’ in the Find box on the navigation bar, then select View/Family to get started. Once you can find your way round, you are encouraged to explore some of the other types of views.

Guild of One-Name Studies

The Guild is the group for people who do one-name studies. We’ve learned so much from being part of this organisation and their website is full of useful information, including:

Society for One-Place Studies

One-place studies bring together the family and local history of a geographic place or community, with such studies promoted by the Society for One-Place Studies. One-place studies worldwide are summarised on this site, including our study of Bratton Clovelly, Devon, the place where the Eastlake name originated.

Bratton Clovelly One-Place Study

We maintain a website dedicated to our detailed family and local history research on Bratton Clovelly, Devon, providing a view of life in this community from medieval to modern times.