Albert Frederick Eastlake (1923-1944)

Albert Frederick Eastlake b 1923

Sapper Albert Frederick Eastlake was born in 1923 in Islington, London, the son of Henry Joseph Eastlake and his wife Annie Gardner. He joined the Royal Engineers, 252 Field Company.

Albert was killed in action in Italy on 24 April 1944. The Allies had invaded Italy in 1943 after the Italians had signed an armistice the Allies. In January 1944, they landed behind the German lines at Anzio in Operation Shingle but were unable to break through the defences until May. About 7000 soldiers lost their lives in the Battle of Anzio, with another 36,000 wounded or missing. Albert is buried at Beach Head War Cemetery at Anzio, service number 14241937.

Albert Frederick Eastlake b 1923 Anzio

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