Maurice Gillman Eastlake (1915-1943)

Maurice Gillman Eastlake b 1915

Sergeant (Pilot) Maurice Gillman Eastlake was born in 1915 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, the son of Stanley Eastlake and his wife Helen Hypatia Gillman. He married Joan Mary Williams in Bristol in 1938 with whom he had two children. He served in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

Maurice was pilot of a Lancaster, a heavy bomber used especially for night bombings during World War II, when he lost his life. As reported at Yorkshire Aircraft Accidents:

This aircraft was being flown on a night cross country training flight on the night of 11th / 12th July 1943 and had taken off at 21.45hrs. The precise cause of the subsequent crash is not known although the weather was poor at the time the aircraft crashed near Thorganby at 02.30hrs. Sadly five of the seven crew were killed and the wreckage caught fire. The two survivors sustained serious injuries but recovered.

Maurice was cremated at Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, service number 1381717.

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